Sunday, 6 March 2011

Submarine / Ultra Culture Cinema

As both a fan of Richard Ayoade (both his comedy styling and his excellent Arctic Monkey's concert flick) and "infinitely better than this one" film blog Ultra Culture, I toddled along to the Ultra Culture Cinema's advanced screening of Ayoade's much-lauded directorial debut Submarine at the ICA.
The evening began rather ominously. I'd forgotten how painfully small the ICA's screen is, despite having seen Confession there the other week.The film was preceded by Ultra Culture person, occasional Film 2011 guest columnist and 19 year old Charlie Lyne leading some audience participation fun and games, and two things I greatly detest are young people and audience participation fun and games. It was far from as painful as I might have feared, even raising the occassional titter from a cold, hateful bastard like myself, and more importantly I did take solace in Mr Lyne's rather awesome semi-ironic jumper.

And so to the film. Long story short, the film is generally excellent. It's absolutely nothing you haven't seen before in a million and one other "introverted loner meets self consciously kooky manic pixie dream girl" indie flicks, but it's so funny, fresh, inventive, heartfelt and bursting with energy that that's not a problem. There's occasionally a bit too much invention from Ayoade (you can so tell it's his first film) and I personally prefer Paddy Considine as a gas-mask wearing psycho than a mulleted Rex Kwan Do derivative, these are very minor quibbles. Tabloid newspaper pull quote for the poster: "Makes Garden State look like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist."

Alex Turner's soundtrack in truth is little more than a handful of Arctic Monkey's B-Sides, but pretty sure that's enough to make it an early shoe-in for best soundtrack of the year.

Grumpy aside - The audience laughed to loudly for my liking.

We then retired to the ICA bar, where there was the promise of "Ultra Culture DJs". They turned out to be ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AWESOME. They just played EARLY 2000s R&B ALL NIGHT and it was AMAZING. SERIOUSLY. I'D FORGOTTEN WAYNE WONDER EXISTED. As I write this I'm blasting Christina Millian's first album at full volume. Thank you, "Ultra Culture DJs".

So yeah, a good evening.

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