Monday, 10 December 2012


So, for whatever reason, I've made a fanzine about action movies. It's because I genuinely, unironically love action films, and no one takes them seriously, so this is an attempt to do something semi-intelligent and quarter-literate about them.

There's reviews of various films, from recent stuff like Haywire and Expendables 2, to forgotten Bruce Willis films from the 90s, to weird-ass straight to DVD crap starring 50 Cent. There’s also interviews with outlaw film critic Vern, author of the excellent book Seagalogy, and the director of Chuck Norris Vs Communism, a new documentary about VHS tapes being smuggled into communist Romania.

There’s also a gallery of awesome 80s VHS box art curated by the wonderful @VivaVHS.

You can order it here:  

but to be honest, if you want one let me know and I'll just give you one - drop me an email at with you're address. I can also send it over as a PDF, but obviously, it's much cooler in print.

Here's a few sample pages (click on them to enlarge):


  1. You got a mention in Vern! Very impressed.

  2. Looks fantastic!

    Have made an order - good luck with it!